Improving the Lives of Stray Dogs

-Ranveer Sial

Finding a stray dog on almost every corner is probably one of the most common sights, here, in India. While a majority of the stray dogs in India are harmless unless provoked, most of the people find the dogs to be a nuisance for the society and look down upon them. The condition of the stray dogs and the way they are treated as if we have the right to do anything with them anytime we want is awful. However, slowly but surely, the situation is taking a curve in the positive direction. Here is a list of something’s you can do to help improve the situation of stray dogs in our country:

Stray dogs already have a hard time searching for food. They have to place their best bet on finding food from areas where there is a dump of garbage lying around. The bare minimum anyone can do to help these poor creatures is to feed them. Nobody’s asking you to go the extra mile and start making meals for them, rather, giving them food from your leftovers, feeding them biscuits, breads, chapatis twice or thrice a day is the least you can do to help them. In this scorching heat, filling up a plastic bowl with water and keeping it outside your house might just help a needy dehydrated dog.

To make sure that these stray dogs are safe, inform people in your neighbourhood to drive slow while on a road heavily populated with dogs. The maximum number of fatalities occur due to dogs getting hit by cars driven by careless drivers. Make sure to check for dogs underneath your cars before starting it because due to the heat, most of them might be lying down under your car to escape the sun.

If you do witness an accident taking place, make sure to take the injured animal to a hospital as soon as possible. Nobody’s forcing you to, but it should be your duty as a living being to help another being whenever necessary. Try to help Animal NGOs by donating or volunteering with them to improve the conditions of the dogs in your locality.

Lastly, I would just like to tell you to interact with them. The quote, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” is true to every extent. The condition of dogs, in India, is dreadful. People like to thrash dogs for no reason whatsoever, throw stones at them, hit them with sticks just because they don’t like them. If a dog looks scared, it is probably because it is fearful of humans and sadly, the dogs’ fears are well founded. We have to change our perspective and look at dogs as part of the same world we live in rather than treating them as inanimate objects.

Dogs need interaction. Even if you don’t do all the things listed above and just play with them for five minutes, they would stick by your side forever.

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