Personal Experience with City Tails

-a fellow volunteer

Well this may be a little messy but never mind. It was long back in December when I heard about this organisation who help the strays and other needful beings, I was both excited and very shy to step forward and ask them to take me in, introverts ahh, but as time passed things changed and I was asked to accompany my friend to a drive of my favourite organisation, City Tails. The drive was in the first week of March and well jokes apart I was nervous, thoughts crossing my mind , how will it go? What will they think? What should I say? How will I react to them and what not, asked my friend about it , and as usual he said “chill bro they will not eat you , we’re nice people”, and I was like ahh okay. The drive took place I met people , honestly, the vibe with them felt amazing, everyone in City tails being so supportive, caring, interactive and most importantly, polite, it was really an amazing time with them, slowly I started to interact more with the people of the organisation and well, it turned out awesome! Their spirit in doing work, their interest and care for each other was just something that made me more attached towards this group and to be honest it is the best thing that happened to me in this time of sadness and chaos, I found people to share life with while the world is getting lonelier, and now I’d just like to rest my drama here.

Thank you City Tails❤️

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